Puma is bringing its 80s-era RS-Computer shoes back (in very limited numbers)


If you grew up during the 80s, you’re probably aware that it was a weird time. It seems to have been an even weirder time for the adults, with all sorts of oddities making it to market. And now, with the current nostalgia binge that’s ongoing, one of those oddities is coming back. Puma is re-releasing its RS-Computer running shoes.

Confused about what the Puma RS-Computer shoes are all about? Here’s a spot of time-travel around Puma’s Running System footwear for you.

Yeah, that was a real thing — one of the earliest examples of wearable tech. A sensor in the heel tracked some basic workout info and the shoes could connect to a computer via a 16-pin cable. The info gathered could be downloaded, giving users distance, time and calorie information on a very ancient CRT monitor.

The updated version of the Puma RS-Computer running shoes keeps the original design (even though sensors have gotten an awful lot smaller in the last 30 years) but there’s a raft of new tech inside. Rather than an old-school computer and cable, users can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth link. There’s a three-axis accelerometer included, a USB port (charging, for the use of), and LEDs so you can peer at the back of your heel while running (which is a great trick, if you can do it) to see whether you’ve forgotten to charge them. If, that is, you can get one.

Puma will only produce 86 pairs of the updated shoes which will go on sale at Puma stores in Berlin, London, and Tokyo, as well as a retailer we don’t get here in South Africa. The price? We assume that if you have to ask (and can’t splurge on the flight to buy these in-store), you can’t afford them.

Source: The Verge


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