Make your own beer at home with LG’s HomeBrew beer pods


You know coffee pods, right? What about the recently announced cocktail pods? Well, now we have beer pods to add to the list, all thanks to LG and their forthcoming HomeBrew machine.

The LG HomeBrew is an at-home beer maker that makes it easy to make your own craft brews without turning your guest bathroom into a miniature brewery. The Korean company will debut this amazing piece of tech at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas in January.

How does it work?

So, imagine a Nespresso machine, but instead of concentrated coffee, the capsule is filled with malt, yeast, hop oil, and the flavouring of your choice. Exactly what you’d need for a perfect glass of beer. The only difference is that it takes around three weeks to complete your beer… as opposed to the 30 seconds the average Nespresso espresso requires.

The LG HomeBrew will take care of everything after you’ve inserted the capsule and pressed the ‘on’ button. Its processes include fermentation, carbonation, aging and cleaning. The optimised fermentation algorithm takes control of the fermenting process to make sure your brew is made at the perfect temperature and pressure.

“LG HomeBrew is the culmination of years of home appliance and water purification technologies that we’ve developed over the decades,” says Dan Song, the president of LG Electronics home appliance and air solutions. “Homebrewing has grown at an explosive pace, but there are still many beer lovers who haven’t taken the jump because of the barriers to entry, like complexity, and these are the consumers we think will be attracted to LG HomeBrew”.

Best of all? The HomeBrew comes with smart home integration — so link it to your Google Home or just to your phone, and you’ll be able to manage and monitor everything happening with your beer. We will find out more about pricing and availability on this strange contraption when CES rolls around. Cheers!

Source: PR News Wire


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