Far Cry: New Dawn wants you to Rage around Hope County this February


If you battled with the spoilers contained in the Far Cry teaser from yesterday then you should immediately stop reading about the full reveal of Far Cry: New Dawn, a game that is so post-apocalyptic that we keep finding ourselves typing Fallout instead of Far Cry.

Far Cry: New Dawn, based on the first reveal trailer, follows in the footsteps of previous in-between releases in that it looks set to reuse a lot of assets. In this case, we don’t really mind because the look and feel of the setting comes across as pretty epic. If post-apocalyptic wastelands where people struggle daily to survive is your thing, that is. Unlike previous games in between the main numbered series, New Dawn seems to be a proper sequel, picking up right after the close of events in Hope County in Far Cry 5.

Which, if you were paying attention (SPOILERS) ended with nuclear weapons wiping out most of humanity. There are more than a few survivors in Hope County — we spotted a few familiar faces in the Mad Max-like gameplay trailer who must have survived the calamity. Watching through to the end shows that a few really unexpected faces might be making an appearance. Is the Rookie coming back? If he or she is, odds are they’ll probably have a slight case of cabin fever and an even bigger aversion to Only You by The Platters.

Whoever players wind up taking the role of, they’ll be facing off against a new set of villains — the Twins, who come across as a whole lot more violent (and considerably less religious) than the Seed family. But then, it’s a post-apocalyptic society, everything’s going to be more violent. Mutated animals, weapons and vehicles held together by duct tape, and a whole lot of open-world killing look to be on the cards — as expected. The setting may remind us of Fallout but the colour palette also brings to mind Bethesda’s upcoming Rage 2. If Ubisoft’s trying to get in Bethesda’s head (and ours), they’re possibly succeeding… rather well.

Far Cry: New Dawn will launch for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from 15 February. Weirdly, there’s no mention of a PC version yet but we’re expecting this one to land there too. All the others have.

Source: Ubisoft


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