Ubisoft teases a new Far Cry, full reveal taking place at The Game Awards 2018


We’ll get our first look at the new Far Cry game this evening at The Game Awards 2018 but Ubisoft has teased what’s coming ahead of time. And, based on what we’ve seen, we’re in for a bit of a wild ride.

There are a few things that you need to know first. Ubisoft’s teaser video below contains spoilers for one of Far Cry 5‘s endings. If you haven’t finished the game by this point, you’re getting a crash course in the Montana-based game’s closing minutes. You kinda need that information in order to appreciate what’s coming. If you’re not keen on spoilers, though, leave now.

The other thing you need to know is that the Far Cry series tends to reuse assets in between main games. Far Cry 3 gave birth to the frankly mental Far Cry: Blood Dragon, Far Cry 4 spawned Far Cry Primal and, based on this teaser trailer, Far Cry 5 will likely head into some post-apocalyptic territory. Post-apocalyptic Montana territory, most likely.

We see the explosion at the close of Far Cry 5, along with a section that shows the passage of time. A lot of time, if you’re accounting for the area becoming habitable again. And then there’s life, and the need to protect what you have… using scrap and a strange crossbow. The brief snippet puts us in mind of the upcoming Rage 2, perhaps with a dash of Fallout.

At this point we’re only guessing but mutated bears, elk, bulls, and possibly mountain lions could be on the way in a setting based on the world we were running around in in 2018. Cobbled-together weapons, vehicles, and societies will probably be the order of the day. We don’t have to speculate for long, though, as the full reveal will be taking place tonight. Stay tuned.

Source: Ubisoft


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