Google Play Store announces best apps of the year


Oh, the end of the year — when retailers get the red, white and green decorations out of the storeroom, end-of-year parties are badly attended, and awards are given to the best tech of the year. Ask us, we’re grinding to get the Stuff Gadget and App of the Year awards sorted before the Christmas spirit befalls us.

The Google Play store has crowned its favourite apps of the year — and we’re happy to report that we agree with most of the 2018 winners (if you don’t, head to the Stuff App of the Year page and vote for your favourite).

Let’s dive right in and tell you that Google’s best app of 2018 is Drops: Learn 31 New Languages, and the best game is PUBG Mobile. There’s no debating it anymore — Google has spoken.

PUBG Mobile was also crowned the ‘Fan Favorite Game of 2018’ by voters during a two-week period last month. Which makes sense, because everyone is running it on PC and annihilating the poor guys trying to navigate with a touchscreen. Of course you guys like it.

Winners were chosen for different categories to make the playing-field as fair as possible. It ranges from ‘Best Self Improvement app’ to ‘Best Indie Games’ in which the obvious winner came out on top too. Check out all the winners below.

Most Entertaining Apps

Best Self Improvement Apps

Best Daily Helper Apps

Best Hidden Gem Apps

Most Competitive Games

Most Innovative Games

Best Indie Games

Most Casual Games

Source: 9to5Google


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