Wireless charging AirPods 2.0 to drop in 2019


We’ll likely see new AirPods with a wireless charging case next year according to an Apple analyst. And that’s not all — the updated wireless earbuds will probably feature Bluetooth 5.0 and a W-series chip.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the oft-accurate analyst, made the forecast in a note seen by AppleInsider. These predictions are in line with the rumours we’ve seen throughout the year, and ‘Pods-lovers will be happy to hear that these predictions are as close to the truth as we’re going to get outside of an Apple announcement.

Apparently the the updated pods will feature an “all-new design,” according to the report. We’re not quite sure what exactly that means at this stage, but a ‘big design update’ in Apple-speak probably doesn’t mean much.

The wireless charging case planned for the AirPods is the perfect chance for Apple to launch something else alongside it. Something… practical. Something like a wireless charging pad. If only Apple had something like that in the pipeline. Oh wait! Apple’s teased wireless charging pad, the AirPower, hasn’t seen the light of day yet — and this is the perfect time for Apple to introduce it to the world. Assuming they’ve worked all the kinks out, that is. We’re more likely to just see the revamped AirPods in 2019. 

Other rumoured features for the AirPods 2.0 include noise cancellation, water resistance and wireless charging — all very welcome updates if they turn out to be accurate. Unfortunately, we don’t have any indication of a prospective launch date yet, though. So we’ll have to keep our eyes on upcoming rumours. There are bound to be a few — this is Apple we’re talking about here. 

Source: CNET


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