DJI announces the Osmo Pocket, their smallest handheld camera and gimbal


So your social media cachet depends on having the very best video in your shared news feed but you don’t have film production money to throw at the dilemma? DJI’s got you covered — the drone-maker has announced the DJI Osmo Pocket. Which, if you know your DJI product lineup, sounds like a very portable gimbal. And camera, as it happens.

The DJI Osmo Pocket is a fairly logical progression for the company’s lineup of camera gear (and yes, drones count as camera gear). Small enough to fit into a… well, a pocket, and many things larger than a pocket, the tiny little gimbal and camera is the key to the smoothest handheld video you’ve ever shot. Unless you’ve got regular access to a RED camera, obvs.

The Osmo Pocket uses DJI’s gimbal system, scaled down for portability. The handheld camera has a 12MP sensor capable of 4K video at 60fps, a max image res of 4,000 x 3,000 and a wide enough range of camera and video modes to keep most anyone happy. All while weighing just 116g.

A set of more unexpected features help set it apart even more. The base can be extended for those inevitable selfie-type videos and the Pocket automatically tracks faces. Ever wanted to look like you’re being followed on holiday by your own camera crew? That’ll do it, though you may look a tad touristy while doing the actual filming. That tracking also extends to things that aren’t faces, letting you tag items that you want to keep in frame. Then the gimbal does its best but it’ll need at least some help from you. Not much — just keep it vaguely pointed in the right direction.

What price social media greatness? Locally, there’s no information yet but the little camera that will will set American buyers back $350 (R4,800 or so). There’s an international launch date of 15 December but we’re confident we’ll see it here shortly afterwards. With a slightly more expensive price, at the very least.


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