Apps to download this month: November 2018 edition


If you think about it, we mean, really think about it… It’s obvious that apps are essentially little software-gadgets. And you can count on Stuff to bring you the best apps to download every month.


Free / Android, iOS

This split-personality alarm clock serenades you to sleep with the sounds of rainforests and crackling fires. In the morning you’re roused by messages sent by friends. Hope they don’t go in for screaming.

Travis & Fripp

R50 each / iOS

Having squeezed a digital Brian Eno onto iPhone, Peter Chilvers manages the same trick with Theo Travis and Robert Fripp. Three apps provide a trio of endless chill-out experiences akin to live performances.

Moment Pro Camera

R60 / iOS ● R28 / Android

Manual cameras are great… until you realise you’ve messed up settings while sorting your shot. Moment puts you right with speedy double-tap presets and a slew of other fab pro-level features.


timeshifterFree (IAPs) / Android, iOS

Zombified after a trip abroad? Timeshifter may lack a magical ‘stop getting hungry at weird times’ IAP, but it does battle jet-lag with personal schedules for when best to take in daylight – and coffee.

Pitter Patter

Free / Apple Watch

Want to feel a friend’s heartbeat, but find it inconvenient and creepy to follow them around with your hand on their chest? Try this app instead, sending all their ba-dums directly to your wrist.

Rowdy Wrestling

Free / Android, iOS

As if pro wrestling weren’t already ridiculous enough, this game doubles down on the stupid. Bouncy arm-whirling hulks rumble in cartoon chaos, smacking each other with fists, feet and chairs.


R60 / Android, iOS

Digging with a spade is so last year. In Holedown, you blast through numbered bricks by lobbing bouncy balls at them. Quite why said balls are smiling, we’ve no idea; they must have quite the headache.

Earth Atlantis

R80 / iOS

It turns out the climate change people were right – and the fish are really annoyed. In this shooter you get all splashy and shooty, blowing them away with your sub and cooing at lovely sepia visuals.

Look, Your Loot!

Free / Android, iOS

Dungeon-crawling with a grid of cards is now a thing on mobile. This game refines the sub-genre until it squeaks (the hero’s even a mouse), making for superb pocket-based RPG-lite fun. 


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