Samsung Pay will come to 5 more banks next year


Samsung customers are officially allowed to get excited — the Samsung Pay platform will add a total of five more banks in 2019. At this stage, Samsung Pay only supports Absa, Standard Bank, Mastercard and Visa payments. 

Who are the new participants? Earlier this month, Discovery announced their banks will launch early next year. The company publicly announced that they will launch with Samsung Pay. Samsung will also add Investec to the lineup, and has said in a media briefing today that they will be adding a total of three banks to the platform in Q1 of 2019. So what is the third bank?

Most customers are (not so) patiently waiting for FNB to come on board with Samsung Pay, and we can only make an informed guess that it will be part of the Q1 banking partners. Samsung mentions that they are in the process of working with FNB but cannot disclose a timeline.

Following that, they will add another bank in Q2 and one more, potentially, in Q4 of next year. These may include some of the new upcoming banks like Tymebank and Bank Zero, that will launch early next year. 


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