Help Stuff choose the best Apps of the Year for 2018


It’s that time of the year when the Stuff team gets down to the business of choosing the best tech and apps of the year (for the current year). We’ve got something brewing with the gadget side of things (that we’ll share with you soon, be patient), but right now we need a spot of assistance from our real confidants — our readers.

You see, deciding which app will win each category is a tough thing to do. There’s yelling, disagreement, the occasional food fight… and that’s before the Stuff team starts arguing the merits of this app over that one. Which is why we’ve decided to ask you to give us a hand. It may help prevent some office-based iPhone-related injuries this year. Craig.

It’s quite simple — below you’ll find our list of app nominees. Our potential apps of the year, if you will. And they’re all neatly sorted by category, along with a URL if you’re not familiar with which app does what. What we would like from you is a choice — one per category, as well as your name and (if you’re up for it) your email address. Because reasons. We’ll be sharing those a little later.

So what are you waiting for? Please give us a hand on this one — you may even find that you discover a new app that you never knew you needed.



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