Get your Stuff Magazine subscription for 50% off this Black Friday


We know that there’s an awful lot going on today in terms of sales. And, not to be left out, Stuff Magazine is going to be joining the party this Black Friday.

From today until 25 November, you can get a Stuff Magazine subscription for 50% off — what would normally run you R399 for ten issues of Stuff (that’s how many issues we put out a year) will now cost just R199.50. Again, until 25 November.

Not only is that half our usual subscription price, it’s also exactly half of what you’d pay if you bought the magazine in stores. You’re probably not going to get another deal like that until Black Friday 2019.

You’ve got two options when it comes to subscribing. You can visit this special page, download the form and complete all the bits or… Alternatively you can just grab the Stuff Black Friday 2018 subscription form right here and then forward the completed form directly to We’d prefer the second option, but we’re weird like that.

Anyway, are we cool? Good, we’ve got a little shopping to do. See you in the scrum.


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