Blizzard working on a ‘Warcraft Go’ mobile game


Whether you play it or not, Pokémon Go is a global phenomenon — and something that did make mobile gaming more interactive with its use of augmented reality. Suddenly we weren’t just sliding candies to make lines, we were actually gaming in the real world… and walking around it. Apparently Blizzard employees really like the format, too.

Of course, putting ‘mobile gaming’ and Blizzard in a sentence these days is frowned upon. This after they recently announced they’re working on a Diablo mobile game, Diablo Immortal. Fans aren’t happy, not only because they were expecting a desktop title, but because Blizzard had the nerve to insult them at the announcement by asking if they have phones. Nonetheless, it seems Blizzard’s own staff have their own ideas about mobile gaming.

“There are lots of mobile game players at Blizzard… There are lots of people actually excited about mobile games. The reaction inside the company to Immortal is very different than the reaction outside the company. Part of the thinking on a lot of these is, people want to work on smaller projects. Smaller projects in mobile tend to make sense,” says a Blizzard dev who spoke to Kotako.

In a lengthy article published on Kotaku, Blizzard employees mention that they’re currently working on a Pokémon Go-style game for Warcraft, but that “…it’s also got a lot more to it than Pokémon Go, including single-player mechanics”.

Lead designer Cory Stockton, who worked on World of Warcraft, is apparently a huge Pokémon fan, and Kotaku’s report says that many Blizzard employees play Pokémon Go competitively at the campus on a daily basis.

Essentially, the fans just have to suck it up, and see what Blizzard has in store for their franchises entering the mobile game market. It seems like they’re really excited about the new projects, and hopefully the public will see this playing out well. At least they’re working on a real Diablo 4 title according to the report.


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