You really wanna know? Facebook launches tool that shows time spent on the social network


Perhaps you’re responsible with your social media usage, logging on and checking what everyone is up to only at set times of the day. You’re probably also one of those people capable of reaching the mythical Inbox Zero point on the reg. Whether you’re that ferociously organised or you spend so much time in cascading feeds that your fingers reflexively twitch looking for a Like button when looking at wall art, Facebook has a tool for you. No, another one.

Facebook has launched a ‘Your Time on Facebook’ tool, an option that is visible in the Facebook mobile app. It shows users how long (in minutes) they’ve spent on the Facebook app in a day and it’ll also give data for the previous week as well as an average count. For some, that last one might be a very large number indeed.

What the feature doesn’t do is give you any deeper insights as to what you’re spending your time on Facebook doing. It won’t detail where you’re spending your time — in the Feed, watch Stories, lurking photos, that sort of thing.

Tracking your time spent isn’t all that the ‘Your Time on Facebook’ tool is capable of. You’ll be able to set a daily limit for usage, if you feel the need to cut back, but Facebook just reminds you that you need to stop now. You’ll have to supply your own will-power. We reckon many will just have a firmer idea about the time spent on the social network and won’t do all that much about it.

If you want to hit up your Facebook data, you can find it in the More tab. From there go to Settings & Privacy and you’ll find an option for Your Time on Facebook. If you don’t see it, you’re still waiting for the feature to land. The company has started the rollout but it may not be everywhere yet. We’ll be looking out for updates to this feature as well — it could prove a powerful user tool if Facebook upped what it can actually show you. It’s not like Facebook doesn’t already have that info about you already, after all.

Source: TechCrunch


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