Watch The Lego Movie free on YouTube this Black Friday


On Friday (you know which one), YouTube is partnering up with Warner Brothers and The Lego Movie. Why, you ask? To give everyone access to a free version of The Lego Movie for Black Friday.

The sequel of the infamous ‘Everything is Awesome’ singalong is on its way, and the trailer is already available. On Friday YouTube will allow viewers to watch The Lego Movie for free as part of a promotion for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.

We just hope that the promotion will be available here. YouTube recently began making certain movies available for free, a feature which is sadly not available in South Africa. We’re hoping that Warner Bros. plans on making their little plan a bit more wide-spread. Since we have no way to check until tomorrow, in the event that it is available here…

How to access the movie

Step one: Go to YouTube. Step two: Search either for “Brick Friday” or “LEGO Movie “. Step three: Find the video posted by Warner Bros. called The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (or you can just watch the trailer above).

Click on this video, and you’ll have an option during it to watch The Lego MovieThe whole movie, that is. They’ve accomplished this by making the whole of The Lego Movie an advert contained in the trailer. We bet this’ll be the longest advert you’ve ever watched in its entirety.

The promotion will only last for 24 hours on Black Friday. It’ll start ‘screening’ at midnight Pacific time, or 10:00 on Friday morning here. That means by 10:00 on Saturday (South African time) the movie will no longer be accessible. Or accessible free-of-charge, at least.

Even if this turns out not to work locally, we’re looking forward to the second Lego movie that premiers on 8 February 2019.

Source: The Verge


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