Netflix is launching gift cards and we have twenty (20) to give away, worth R250 each


We’ve seen more and more sorts of gift cards pitching up at the cash register. First it was iTunes, then it was Google’s Play Store. Later we started seeing cards for Showmax and Uber next to the Pick’n’Pay or CNA vouchers so it was only a matter of time before the likes of Netflix got into the act.

And that’s because Netflix is an international service and South Africa… isn’t as international as it could be. Not all of it. Streaming video is a lot more accessible to those without access to a credit card when you can pay your subscription with a debit card or, if you’re really security conscious, a gift voucher.

Netflix is touting its new cards (which are can be loaded with values between R150 and R1,000 — up to ten month’s worth of access if you opt for the basic streaming package) as for the financially paranoid but we reckon they make a dandy gift for the binge-watchers in the family. You know the type — always has a mug of tea or coffee, covered in blankets and/or cats, and has worn a dent in the couch. Their encyclopaedic knowledge of Daredevil hallway fights is also a bit of a giveaway.

And its for those people, and people who want to be like them, that we’re giving away twenty Netflix vouchers pre-loaded with R250 each. You know you want one (that series won’t binge itself), so check out the ‘homework’ below and then get on down to the form and enter.

What is it?
The Netflix Gift Card is a prepaid voucher which entitles the owner to stream Netflix to the value loaded on the card. Gift Cards can be loaded with between R150 to R1000 and they don’t expire.

For example, a gift card loaded with R200 will give you two months of Netflix streaming on the basic plan (1 device in SD); R139 will give you 1 month of Netflix streaming on the standard plan (2 devices in HD), and a gift card loaded with R169 will give you 1 month Netflix streaming on the premium plan (4 devices in HD or Ultra HD). You can create up to 5 profiles on each subscription, making this the perfect gift for a family too.

How does it work?
Netflix will deduct the appropriate amount depending on the plan you choose when redeeming your Gift Card.
Those who are eligible for a free trial will receive a free month of service in addition to the amount credited to the Gift Card. The balance of the Gift Card will only be used to pay for your selected plan after your free month trial expires.

What happens when the Gift Card credit runs out?
Your Netflix account will be cancelled once your Netflix Gift Card balance has been completely used up and you will no longer be able to stream. If you want to continue using the service, simply purchase another Gift Card or add an alternative payment method.

Where can you buy one?
Shoppers will be able to purchase Netflix Gift Cards from selected retailers including CNA; Pick n Pay; Checkers; Dis-Chem; HiFi Corp; Incredible Connection; Game; Dion Wired; Makro; Builders Warehouse; Game4U; AWX; Kloppers; and BT Games.

See, that wasn’t so hard. And now for the legally-mandated portion of our proceedings. The TERMS AND CONDITIONS (that none of you are going to read anyway)! Click through to the Terms and Conditions for the bits where we lay out all our strange requirements (we’ve only had one lobotomy go completely wrong, you’ll be fine.) and then you’re set to pop on down to the entry form and get your entry in. Or, you know, don’t, but entering means that you agree to be bound by the Ts&Cs, unless you work for Stuff Magazine. If you work for Stuff, you already have access to all the streaming you could ever need and aren’t allowed to have any more. Winners will be announced on 7 December.


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