You could soon invite people on WhatsApp with a QR Code


WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will allow users to add contacts using QR codes.

Users will be able to scan the code in the app and the other person’s contact information will be imported immediately. Each QR code will be completely unique and shareable.

This feature is ideal for businesses that connect with their customers on WhatsApp. This would allow them to distribute printed QR codes on marketing material.

Although it does seem like a ‘user-friendly’ update, we’re not sure if it’s very necessary. On the other hand, almost all other platforms have QR code functionality (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat). So this may just be the natural evolution of WhatsApp as a platform.

A report on WABetaInfo mentions that the feature was seen in a test version of WhatsApp on iOS, but they’re convinced it’ll be available on Android too. Users will also be able to change their code, so it can be used on a temporary basis.

We’re not sure when the feature will roll out (or be announced for that matter), but if the information is present in the test version, it could be an indication that the feature is not too far off.

Source: WABetaInfo


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