EA is remastering the first two Command and Conquer games in 4K


Electronic Arts has not had a very good history when it comes to the Command and Conquer games in recent years but it’s just possible that the company has finally done something right. EA has announced that it will be remastering and re-releasing the first two Command and Conquer titles, Command and Conquer and Command and Conquer: Red Alert.

The series stretches back to 1995 and was originally the domain of now-defunct Westwood Studios (who also owned the excellent Dune RTS games) and the early releases are widely considered to be the best of the bunch. When it comes to doing this CnC remaster right, EA has gone and hooked up with Petroglyph Games — a studio consisting of many of the original Westwood developers.

Don’t expect to command your armies against the Brotherhood of Nod any time soon though. The announcement has been made but development hasn’t begun at all, which is why we don’t have any images or footage of what the upcoming remaster will look like. We’re dearly hoping that it makes up for the last few announcements, like the CnC mobile game and CnC Rivals. EA will be doing the remaster in 4K and they’ve promised that there will be no microtransactions involves so we’re cautiously hopeful at this point.

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