Huawei is looking to launch augmented reality glasses in the next couple of years


Huawei has done something that Stuff wasn’t expecting to happen in 2018 — they’ve made perhaps the best phone of the year but that’s apparently not good enough for the Chinese company. After storming the lines manned by Samsung and Apple, Huawei has set its sights a little further afield. What would you say to augmented reality glasses made by Huawei?

Hopefully you’re keen on wearable AR tech from Huawei because that’s just what they’re working on. This was confirmed by company CEO of consumer business Richard Yu, speaking to CNBC in an interview. Yu confirmed that AR glasses are in the works, designed to work in tandem with the company’s handsets — which already sport some augmented reality tech.

But don’t expect AR glasses to drop the next time Huawei releases a smartphone. The technology isn’t mature enough for that, yet, but Yu said that “[In t]he next one to two years…the industry will commercialise, even for Huawei. We will bring a better user experience product.” While AR glasses are a way off as a commercial product, Huawei will hone their skills by bringing more augmented reality features to their smartphones in the meantime.

Huawei isn’t the only company working on AR glasses. Google’s Glass is the most high-profile name of recent years, a project that seems to have stalled a bit, but Microsoft’s Hololens is showing a lot of promise. Apple is also thought to be working on AR glasses of their own, but the company’s customary secretiveness makes getting details difficult. Apple acquired a company earlier this year that makes lenses for AR glasses, so unless they’re looking at supplying someone else iGlasses (we assume) are coming. Facebook also apparently has their sights set on AR. Because of course they do.

Source: CNBC


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