We may see Samsung’s folding ‘Galaxy F’ smartphone in March – but it’ll cost us


It took a few years for rumours of a folding Samsung phone to come to a sort of fruition but even now we’re mostly in the dark about what it will entail besides an unusual screen. Rumour is our chief method of seeing what’s going on right now and there are some fresh ones coming out of South Korea. First, a name: The Galaxy F.

That’s the apparent title for Samsung’s folding device, a choice that would make a lot of sense. The F probably stands for ‘folding’ or ‘foldable’, if the speculation about the name is correct, but that’s not all there is to it. We’ve also got an ETA.

Samsung is expected to show off its new flagship device, the Galaxy S10 (unless the naming convention changes for the anniversary), in February next year.We might get a closer look at the folding phone during the February reveal too. After that, a variant of the Galaxy S10 — which will reportedly sport 5G functionality — and the Galaxy F will be unveiled in March 2019, according to industry sources speaking to the Yonhap News Agency.

A price has also been bandied about for Samsung’s folding device, though it is speculation rather than based on any inside Samsung info. The thought-to-be cost? A hefty 2 million won, or about R25,500. That’s cheaper than a top-spec iPhone XS Max but still out of reach for many users. Even so, Samsung’s expecting to ship at least 1 million units of their experimental folding hardware next year. Not big numbers by Samsung’s standards but for a technology barely old enough to stand without its legs wobbling? That’s a lot of confidence.

Source: Yonhap News Agency


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