Get your DJI equipment (officially) fixed by Core Group


Core Group has announced that they are now a certified service centre for DJI products. That means they don’t only sell sweet flying machines, but they can also fix them without invalidating any warrantees now.

“As Core Group, we are excited not only to distribute DJI products to the South African market but now we will repair these products. Our technicians are trained directly by DJI and have the capability to repair DJI products,” says Linda van der Nest, Core Group Marketing Executive.

Many of the most popular commercial and industrial drones are made by DJI. Having a certified DJI Service spot locally will bring a smile to many drone owners’ faces.

DJI recently brought two new drones to the local market, the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom. If you have a drone that’s due for a good ol’ pampering (or a service, if you’ve been hitting things in Sport Mode), head to Core’s iStore website.


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