Gboard will now suggest GIFs based on your texting habits, and AI


Ever felt like you know exactly what you want to say, but just can’t find the perfect GIF for it? Well, Google, with the help of some AI speculation tech, wants to help you with that issue.

Google’s keyboard app, Gboard (which is available on Android and iOS) will now suggest relevant GIFs, emoji, and stickers for certain conversations.

While typing a message, a suggested GIF icon will appear in the left-hand corner of the Gboard keyboard. Tap on it and it’ll pull up suggested media. Google thinks it knows what you want to say, or show, before you know yourself.

Although Google’s claiming AI smarts are behind this revolutionary new feature, it’s actually just using keywords from the messages you’re typing. It’s like an automated mini-Google search while you’re typing for relevant GIFS, which isn’t as impressive when you really think about it.

The feature is only currently available on the Gboard app in the US, and only in English. Unfortunately we don’t have any timing for other languages and locations, but a global rollout is on the cards.

Source: Google


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