You can download YouTube on your Nintendo Switch today


YouTube is launching on the Nintendo Switch today, which means you can finally use the small, colourful gaming console for more than its impressive lineup of games.

The first major video-streaming app launched on the Nintendo Switch, was the Hulu app in November last year. But as y’all know — we ain’t got no Hulu in this country (if you read that like a Western Sheriff, plus ten points for you).

Now, you can have YouTube grace those tiny (but surprisingly capable) little screens… or, you know, dock it for a 1080p bigger screen experience. The Switch recently outsold the Wii U’s total lifetime sales, and for good reason. It’s one of the best portable consoles right now, and most people who like to game on their commute should totally get one. But until now it’s been very light on third-party apps, despite how well it’s combo of big screen and touch are suited to them.

The Switch version of YouTube supports 360-videos, and you can use the left joystick and main buttons to control the app. That said, the touch controls aren’t quite up to standard — and you won’t be able to scroll or swipe up or down. Instead, you can really only use the touch to make selections with a tap.

Then there’s the right Joy-Con joystick that cannot be used to navigate around the app at all (no wonder it’s so blue), but you can pan around the 360 videos with it… so it’s not completely useless.

It sounds like there are still software snags that need to be sorted out, but at least Switch-owners can now enjoy a streaming option on the Switch in between Mario Kart sessions. We expect (or hope, at least) that Nintendo and YouTube will continue to work out the kinks and streamline the app in weeks to come.

Source: The Verge


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