Sony stealthily rolls out a quieter (but hotter) PlayStation 4 Pro


All PlayStation 4 players know that slight panic when their console sounds like a light aircraft taking off. Should you hard reset? Unplug it? Maybe position the room fan to blow directly on it? The panic is real, but it doesn’t have to be. Sony has discreetly started releasing quieter PlayStation 4 Pro consoles into the world.

Hardware updates like these rarely make the news, often flying under the radar. It’s like rolling out an update to fix a few bugs, but with physical hardware. This one made the news, though, because the new models might be the quietest Playstation consoles yet.

The new model is called the CUH-7200, up from the previous CUH-7000 and CUH-7100 options, and according to Eurogamer, it runs even quieter than the previous model. They tested the noise output, and Sony seems to have reduced the console’s rumbling from a minimum 50 decibels for the launch model to just 44 decibels. At its loudest it still measures pretty low, at 48 decibels.

What is this sorcery? Well. apparently Sony decided to change up how the consoles are cooled. There’s a new, more efficient PSU and a streamlined fan and thermal setup — so heat will still be a problem. The updated consoles run an average of 6° hotter than the early model PlayStation 4 Pro, even as the sound output drops. We can see many gamers being happy with the tradeoff, though — Eurogamer‘s testing didn’t push the internal temperatures above 66°. 

The new model looks exactly the same as its predecessors, with the major differences being in how cooling is handled and the changes to how Sony’s powering the Pro. It uses the same ‘figure-8’ power plug as the PS4 Slim now.

It looks like the new models are only available in the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle pack, but we’ll likely see it hit shelves as a standalone unit pretty soon. Just check the model number to make sure you’re getting the quietest version — you’re looking for the CUH-7200 (or CUH-7216B) version of Sony’s console. You’re welcome.

Source/Image: Eurogamer


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