Facebook to allow Messenger users to unsend messages – if you do it within ten minutes


Ever since the world found out that Mark Zuckerberg can unsend messages on the social network, Facebook has promised that users would eventually get the same ability. They were testing the feature last month, and now an unsend feature finally is on the way for Facebook’s Messenger app.

The feature was seen listed in a ‘coming soon’ portion of Facebook Messenger’s version 191.0 release notes, which do a fair job of explaining how unsending a Messenger missive will work. Basically, if you notice your gaffe within ten minutes (and the recipient hasn’t seen the message yet), you’ll be able to recall it and pretend nothing ever happened. Except for that ‘message deleted’ notification, should this update follow the way WhatsApp handles the same function.

The update was spotted in the release notes for Messenger’s iOS app, so we can assume that it’s headed there first. Android should follow shortly after. No timeline has been given for the rollout but it shouldn’t be long at all. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: The Verge


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