Samsung has revealed their folding smartphone display – here’s what we know


Samsung has done what it said it would and revealed its first folding smartphone at the company’s Developer Conference in San Francisco this week. In a manner of speaking, anyway.

There was certainly a folding smartphone shown on stage, though the device was disguised in a case that concealed ‘key design elements’. Samsung’s new tech was demonstrated by Justin Denison, the company’s senior vice president of mobile product marketing, and we got an official name for the device at the same time: Meet the Infinity Flex Display.

The Infinity Flex Display has made possible a folding device that opens up into a 7.3in 1,536 x 2,152 tablet display. When flipped in half, users are left with a 4.58in 840 x 1,960 screen that looks like it lives on the outer side of the case — something that will probably be a feature of the finished device instead of an extra added by a fancy case. By the look of things, it will work as a phone when folded and as a tablet when open.

We’ve seen Samsung’s device in motion and while it looks the part, we can’t shake the feeling that Samsung’s disguise might be hiding a few flaws. The Infinity Flex Display should be entering mass production in the coming months, though, so obviously Samsung’s confident that they can work out any bugs. Truth be told, we’re not really expecting them to get it wholly right on the first try. We’d still play with one the moment it hits the real world. Because that’s what we do.

There’s no timeline on when we can expect to see their folding display in a retail device but there’s definitely a flexible display coming. Or at least, it’s less nebulous than it was previously.

Source: The Verge


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