FNB Connect expands network coverage thanks to roaming agreement


Earlier this year, Cell C entered into an agreement with MTN to expand its network coverage in areas where one bar just isn’t good enough. People still talk about bars and phones without using the words “I left my phone in a bar”, right?

Because of this deal, FNB Connect customers will also gain more network coverage. FNB Connect is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that piggybacks on Cell C’s network.

MTN will provide additional 3G and 4G services to Cell C around South Africa as a result of the deal, services that are going to be passed on to FNB Connect subscribers as well. Cell C would tends to share resources rather than self-build outside main metropolitan areas.

“As a result of this new roaming agreement expected to be completed by the end of the year, customers will experience an enhanced network quality and faster download speeds. No action is required from our customers as their phones will automatically and seamlessly switch between base stations, ensuring a far better call and data services experience,” says Shadrack Palmer, Chief Commercial Officer of FNB Connect.

FNB Connect is the mobile service of the First National Bank, and they’ve reported more than 500,000 users on their mobile network. The expanded areas will take effect by the end of the year, according to Palmer.


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