Dropbox announces Extensions to optimise your workflow


First there was just cloud storage, where you could keep your files at an off-site and ‘lofty’ location and little else, and now it’s possible to do just about anything with files stored in versatile applications like Dropbox and Google Drive. Can it get better? Yes it can.

Dropbox has announced a new feature called Extensions, that integrates specific third-party software apps into the service. This will allow users to use things like Adobe Suite, DocuSign, Autodesk and Vimeo directly from Dropbox.

“Dropbox is home to hundreds of billions of PDF, DWG, and multimedia files, so we’re in a perfect position to connect partners to our users based on the content they’re engaging with. By making it easy for users to find the right tools for the task at hand, everyone wins,” said Quentin Clark, the SVP of Engineering at Dropbox.

This integration will streamline most processes people need to do in a shared space, from making changes to designs to setting up and signing contracts. This eliminates the download > launch external software > edit > upload process and is more aimed at businesses than casual users. But the feature will be available to all Dropbox users so if you’re a little more savvy than the rest, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of these changes.

To make this happen, Dropbox has partnered with a few organisations, including the likes of Adobe, Autodesk, Vimeo and DocuSign. The company also plans on partnering with more providers in the future, in a bid to make Dropbox the one-stop app to do most of your dirty work in. And your clean work too, we guess. 

Extensions will be available on 27 November on the web application as well as the Dropbox mobile apps.

Source: Dropbox blog


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