Flickr users will need to do a photograph spring clean, and soon


Yahoo-owned photo sharing service Flickr is implementing a few drastic changes to its service that would see users’ content disappear if they don’t act soon.

Flickr has decided to reduce the cloud storage capacity for their free-tier users. What was once 1TB will be skimmed down to a mere 1000-picture capacity., with plans to start deleting excess images early next year if users fail to clear up their accounts first.

Andrew Stadlen, VP of Product at Flickr, published a blog post explaining the changes. Free storage users will lose access to all pictures that exceed the 1000-picture limit from February 2019. The decision was partly made due to the small number of free users who actually exceeded the new limit.

“We looked at our members and found a clear line between Free and Pro accounts: the overwhelming majority of Pros have more than 1,000 photos on Flickr, and more than 97% of Free members have fewer than 1,000,” Stadlen says.

So, if you have a free Flickr account, and have a bunch of excess images from your circa-2010 BlackBerry, better clean it up (and by ‘clean up’ we mean delete), or back it up to Google Photos or iCloud for safekeeping.

The Flickr Pro account is also an option, and costs between R60 and R85 a month depending on the plan. At least you’ll get unlimited storage then.

Source: Flickr Blog


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