Apple reveals an updated Mac Mini, their first refresh since 2014


What looks like an Apple TV but isn’t an Apple TV? Apple’s new Mac Mini, the first update that they’ve launched since 2014. Obviously. Four years is a long time to wait, guys. Was it worth the wait? We’ll let you lot be the judge… but we’re pretty well sold. Heck, if we could jam an Nvidia GPU in there we’d use it for gaming.

At its Core

Apple’s given its diminutive little PC box a set of new Intel processing hardware — Intel’s 8th-gen chips are taking the starring role here with quad-core and hexa-core chips living inside the dinky computer. The Mac Mini starts with a 3.6GHz Core i3 chip and you can spec that up to a 3.2GHz Core i7. We’re not sure which spec options will be available here in South Africa yet but we’re hoping for all of them.

Other internal organs

If you want to use the Mac Mini as a whole PC replacement, that’s… going to be something you can do. Previously it was capped at 16GB of RAM, now users can opt for 32GB or even 64GB models, if you are worried that there’s going to be another four-year wait for the next upgrade. Also inside? Intel’s UHD graphics solution. So not for serious gamers then.

The Mac Mini will be using flash storage, because full-sized drives are a little large. And hot. But you’ll be able to spec up to 2TB — that’s going to cost you, we reckon. If it’s even available here. If it is, we know more than a few people who are going to leap at one regardless of the price.

Apple’s new T2 security chip from the MacBook Air has been included here, which should take care of monitoring your encryption and boot-up but will also allow speedy HEVC video encoding for the Mini. Improved airflow inside the case is possible because of a new thermal system. As far as ports go, expect to see Ethernet, HDMI, 4 x Thunderbolt 3, and two USB-A slots. It also has a 100% recycled aluminium body based around Apple’s own alloy creation. Did we mention that it looks just like an Apple TV?

The Mac Mini starts from $799 (about R11,700) and is available (overseas) for order today, with units shipping on 7 November. Just like the MacBook Air. Gee, we wonder when the new iPads are going to ship…


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