Pricing for the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace starts at R1,7 million


Jaguar has revealed local pricing for its forthcoming I-Pace range of electric SUVs slated to go on sale in South Africa early next year. There will be four versions of the vehicle, with the cheapest — the I-Pace S — starting at R1,687,200 and the most expensive — the I-Pace First Edition that’ll only be available for a year from launch — starting at R1,920,700. The pricing for the rapid home charging stations will follow closer to launch, the company says.

In addition to the entry level and top-end models, Jaguar’s also bringing the I-Pace SE (from R1,745,400) and the I-Pace HSE (from R1,820,900) to the South African market. The differences between the S, SE and HSE relate to trim and the features that come standard. All three have the same powertrains: a 90kWh battery and “two axle-mounted synchronous electric motors paired with concentric single speed transmissions”.

Each model boasts 294kW/696Nm peak power, which Jaguar says will rocket the I-Pace from 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds. A full charge of the battery is expected to offer range of up to 470km, depending how many times you want to show off that rapid acceleration, of course. For all the details on the different trim variations, head over to the I-Pace section of Jaguar South Africa’s website. For some of the details, have a look at the image below.

Earlier this year Jaguar announced its plans to roll out more than 80 charging stations, including ones along South Africa’s national roads, before the I-Pace arrives in the market. It also revealed that owners of E-types looking to electrify them will now be able to do so courtesy of the Jaguar Classic Works facility in Coventry, England.

The future of motoring may well be electric, but it certainly isn’t going to be cheap. At least not initially. We can’t wait to get a taste of it nonetheless.


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