Light Start – The Prodigy (not that one), Boba Fett canned, McLaren hybrid, and RDR2 for PC?


Just in time for Halloween, here’s the understatedly creepy trailer for The Prodigy

Ask anyone who The Prodigy is and you’re going to get two answers. One involves a man with a weird haircut and a tendency to leap about on stages with his tongue out. The other involves a very creepy little kid. In movie form. That weird child you saw on a bus one time doesn’t really count, unless its head is capable of rotating 360°. The Prodigy is an upcoming film revolving around a young boy and… well, you better just watch the trailer. This one would be perfect for your mid-week Halloween creepshow but it’s unfortunately only set for release in February next year. Still, at least you have some chills to look forward to. You can watch the trailer at the link below. If you dare…

Source: Orion Pictures

The standalone Star Wars Boba Fett movie has been canned

Depending on where you sit with the new batch of Star Wars films, this is either a terrible shame or great news. The standalone Boba Fett spinoff film, which was supposed to be based on the space-bound bounty hunter, has been cancelled. Except we’re not sure you can cancel something that wasn’t officially announced. Though unofficial, the film was supposed to be helmed by Logan director James Mangold and was supposedly something along the lines of the recent Solo. It’s no longer happening, but those who were looking forward to it will experience something similar with The Mandalorian, an upcoming series set in the Star Wars universe about a Boba Fett-type character. We all know how that standalone movie would have ended, anyway. Inside a sarlacc.

Source: Variety

The McLaren Speedtail is the racing car company’s blistering new hybrid

Even if you’re a confirmed petrolhead, you know that you’re at least curious about what these electric and hybrid vehicles can do. McLaren aims to show you, with the announcement of their Speedtail hybrid vehicle. McLaren is calling it “…the ultimate McLaren road car” and with a top speed of 400km/h and the ability to clock 300km/h in just 12.5 seconds, it should be quick enough to make military aircraft a little nervous. To say nothing of the Speedtail’s driver. The Speedtail has a 1035-horsepower hybrid system, and if you want to frighten passengers you can use the Velocity mode, which gives you that top speed and the mental acceleration. We imagine normal usage will involve a slightly more sedate pace. The Speedtail will have enough space for three people, a driver situated centrally and two terrified passengers on either side.

Source: McLaren

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a shot at coming to PC (if the code found inside the companion app is any indication)

If you open you’re going to see Red Dead Redemption 2 somewhere on your list. It’s all anyone can talk about at the moment and with good reason (expect Stuff‘s review soon, once we’ve had enough time to play it properly). The only folks sad about it are probably PC gamers, who never got to play the (amazing) first title. But there’s hope. Some intrepid code explorers have been poking around in the Red Dead Redemption 2 companion app and have come up with a few references that can be interpreted as being for a possible PC version of the game. There are references to the PC as well as ‘Oculus’, which is Facebook’s VR headgear. Given that there’s a first-person mode in the console version of the outlaw game, a touch of high-powered VR probably wouldn’t go amiss for a PC version. If the code is accurate, that is. We’ll be properly convinced once Rockstar announces a PC release officially.

Source: Polygon


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