How to watch Apple’s final announcement event for 2018


Apple’s going to reveal a mess of new devices this week, with their last event for 2018 kicking off on 30 October at 10:00 Eastern Time. For South African fans, that means that you’ll have to find a way to skive off work tomorrow afternoon — Apple’s presentation will start at 16:00 local time. We’re expecting all sorts of things to issue forth from the mouth of Apple but mostly we’re expecting to see a freshened-up iPad Pro or two (or three), perhaps a new MacBook Air (or a replacement) and maybe, finally, a new Mac Mini.

If you’re able to convince your boss that watching an Apple live-stream is essential to your job (kinda like how we did it), then here’s how you go about it. There are several ways to keep tabs on Tim Cook and friends, most of which you’ll be familiar with if you’re a veteran fruit voyeur.

The simple method

Here’s a link to Apple’s website. Watching an Apple live stream used to be a major pain, with a macOS machine and the Safari browser being your main port of call. Now you can watch on just about any PC and browser. Apple has certified Safari on MacBooks (and other devices with the word ‘Mac’ in the title) and the Edge Browser on a Windows 10 PC but we’ve never had any issues with either Firefox or Chrome, on macOS and Windows 7. Since most of you will be in the office, this simple avenue is a good one for stealth watching — unless someone yanks out your headphone cable as the crowd is applauding the announcement of the newest iThing.

Going mobile

If you’ve got an iPhone or an iPad handy, and a sudden urge to step out of the office for about an… hour, you can fire up Safari and head to Apple’s website as well. The link should work just as well on an Android device but we won’t attempt such sacrilege ourselves. If you’re not feeling the urge to click a link, you can also watch Apple’s stream on Twitter again. The instructions for that one are included in the tweet above, with the added benefit that you can set it up now and then forget it till tomorrow afternoon.

App-ly yourself

Unless you have an Apple TV just lying around in your office (or you work from home, likely with a cat in your lap), you’ll want to give this method a skip. If you do have access to an Apple TV, downloading the company’s Apple Events app (which will be live before the stream starts) is all you have to do to get the stream going on your big screen. Once you open the app, obvs. It’s not gonna open itself, we’re not that far into the future yet.

Let us do all the work

Or you can just leave all that behind and pop onto Stuff website and Twitter account on the day. We’re keeping a close eye on everything that Apple announces tomorrow afternoon, with the bonus that we only have to explain to the folks in charge if we’re not watching the stream during office hours. Why not let us do all the work. It’s also easier to hide a quick stop by the Stuff website than it is to disguise watching a whole hour-long (or more) stream.


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