Hatch your Pokémon eggs faster with a new Pokémon Go update


If you own a fitness tracker (or use a software one installed on your phone), you’ll know the struggle of hitting your daily step count. But if you’re into hunting Pokémon, a new Pokémon Go update will track your steps even if the app isn’t actively running on your phone. Time to get those steps in, and #catchemall on foot.

Pokémon Go is an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game that requires players to physically go out hunting for (and catching) Pokémon. If you happen to acquire an egg, the time it takes to hatch is completely dependant on the amount of steps you take. And now the developer, Niantic, have announced that they are rolling out a step counter that tracks all your steps throughout the day.  

The new feature is called Adventure Sync, and will track walking distance. The update will record your step count in the background, which is ideal for South Africans who are not comfortable strolling through the streets with a blatantly visible phone.

The update will also offer weekly progress reports detailing certain milestones with rewards you may earn along the way. We’re guessing something akin to other fitness trackers’ achievements and milestone reports.

Adventure Sync will roll out to Pokémon Go players ‘soon’ according to Niantic.

Source: Niantic Blog


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