Xiaomi makes its high-end Mi Mix 3 official, offers up to 10GB of RAM


We’ve been fans of Xiaomi’s smartphones — and their other tech — for quite some time. Their gear doesn’t have the same in-your-face impact that Samsung and Apple deliver but it’s solid, speedy, and it tends to be affordable. We’re not sure about the local price of Xiaomi’s new Mi Max 3 but we reckon it’s got the first two sewn up.

Xiaomi has announced the Mi Mix 3, its latest high-end flagship, and detailed everything that users can expect to see when it launches. First in China, for obvious reasons, before heading to other markets. And what it offers is… considerable. And probably not very expensive.

The Mi Mix 3 will sport a 6.4in OLED panel which conceals two front-facing 24MP+2MP camera sensors. The screen slides down a little to reveal those, which eliminates the need for a notch (as seen on many other flagship devices this year) and also gives you something to play with. Xiaomi’s actually touting that, saying that users may find the slider relaxing. There are dual 12MP cameras on the back, with a wide-angle and telephoto lens giving you all those nifty capabilities nobody knew they needed just over 12 months ago.

Wireless charging is an option and a charger for that purpose is included in the box. There’s already a 5G version of the phone in the works due to launch in Europe some time next year — you know, in case you needed even faster internet for your social medias and Insta-thingys.

The Mi Mix 3 uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, the chip of choice for the fastest Androids on the market today, and the standard model of the phone has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage (which should cost a bit over R7,000). There’s also an 8GB/256GB variant (around R8,500) and then something called the Forbidden City Palace Museum edition will give users 256GB of storage and a frankly mad 10GB of RAM. That one will break the R10k barrier overseas and we really doubt we’re going to see it here. Pricing for the Mi Mix 3 has only been confirmed for China at this point, India and other countries will be announced later.

Source: The Verge


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