All your Fortnitemares are about to come true


‘Tis the most creepy time of the year, and in the spirit of Halloween, Fortnite has decided to roll out an event mode called ‘Fortnitemares’. And this time, you won’t be fighting each other.

Life was going very well on the island. The only thing you had to worry about was other players actively looking for people to kill… Then, when the bells tolled on 24 October, the map became littered with computer-controlled undead opponents.

Have a look at the trailer below or simply install the update file on whichever platform you favour. The event is already live and the online debates about whether the monsters in the game are really zombies have already started. Epic Games themselves maintain that these are not zombies. So don’t call them zombies, capisce?

How does it work, you ask? Monsters are out to get you while you’re playing Fortnite, an idea that isn’t without precedent. We know the Call of Duty crew were the first to dump undead killers into a battle royale map with Blackout. Essentially this new mode serves as an ‘environmental threat’: something that’s built into the map that can kill you and is not another player. Which makes things that much more exciting.

To sum up, there are undead monsters (NOT zombies), birthed from cube fragments across the Fortnite map, and players have to defeat them. Killing the undead will result in loot and enemies will appear randomly to keep you on your toes. Happy slaying. 

Source: Polygon


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