New Facebook Messenger introduces more ‘simplicity’


Although the Facebook Messenger app is a convenient spot to fire up deep convos with just about anyone on your friends list, it’s a bit… chaotic. With a total of nine tabs and fancy ‘features’ no one really wants, we see ourselves coming back to conventional messengers, like WhatsApp and Telegram more often.

Finally Facebook has come to their senses, and have announced an update to their confusing cluster of features, called ‘Messenger 4’.

Now, Messenger 4 will have three tabs instead of nine, which is already a very welcome update. This includes a Chats tab for your conversations, a Discover tab to connect with businesses and play games, and a People tab where you can find friends and people’s Stories (something that arguably should stay on Insta).

Facebook also said its chat app will get a dark mode “in the near future”, and we’re… excited for this one. Dark apps not only gives users the choice of changing the interface, but is softer on the eyes. Because darkness. 

And although we are happy about the changes that are rolling out worldwide over the coming weeks, it’s still just a chat app. One that normally gets used as a fallback from our primary chat apps, like WhatsApp. But still, hooray for dark mode!

Source: Facebook Blog


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