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In the words of George Carlin, “Tonight’s forecast… dark! Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.” The November 2018 issue of Stuff Magazine is all about night-time tech this time around, because there’s one thing we can always rely on: The dark. In a friendly kind of way, obviously. If it lights up, acts as a reflector, captures images in next-to-no-light or can look at the stars, it’s getting a look-in in the November 2018 issue — which is available everywhere magazines are sold, right now. Go out and get it — there’s nothing to be afraid of. Unless you’re an Iron Maiden fan, obvs. 

It’s not all about that place where goths live, though. We’ve also got some tech used by the cutest member of your household. No, not baby tech, these critters are a whole lot easier to toilet-train. We’ve got a wide whack of pet-tech, for when you want to spoil Rex or Socks (depending on whether you favour canine or feline buddies in your home). Want to keep unwanted pets out but still let Fluffy in? Get a smart pet door. Wanna feed ’em remotely? We can help you arrange that. Just want to keep very accurate track of them? That’s also an option, without all those privacy concerns we get when we add GPS trackers to people. If you want to smarten up your pet’s life, we’ve got just the tools you need in the November 2018 Stuff.

Admit it, you’ve been dying to try on the new Apple Watch Series 4. We sure were and now, post annual Apple announcement, it’s going to take a natural disaster or an industrial accident to get it off our wrists. But you don’t have to believe this short little description, you can see for yourself. Stuff takes its first look at Apple’s newest wristwear in the November 2018 issue. If you’re wondering whether the bump in price is going to be worthwhile, we should answer a few questions for you there.

Huawei Mate 20 Lite front

We’ve also tested one of South Africa’s favourite phone ranges — Huawei’s Mate Lite, specifically this year’s Mate 20 Lite. Is it worth picking up Huawei’s budget-friendly but stripped-down handset? That’s often a silly question but we’ve gone and answered it anyway. Turns out that large smartphones with an easy-to-use UI and huge batteries are in demand, especially if they clock in at under R10k. Find our Mate 20 Lite first test in this month’s Stuff Magazine.

You want more? We’ve always got more, as much as we can cram into the pages of every issue of Stuff Magazine. Look out for Android Pie tips and tricks, a first glance at Apple’s trio of smartphones for the next 12 months, and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch — because Apple can’t have all the glory all the time. We’ve also got a full roster of tests, from cameras to games, to phones, headphones, cars and more. Find it all in the November 2018 Stuff Magazine


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