Float across the screen with a new Gboard update


Google’s keyboard app, Gboard, has added a few new features recently, the most useful of which, is the Floating Keyboard mode, that should make more than a few phablet-users happy.

The changes aren’t massive, but should bring users on big phones at least some joy. Using a handle located at the bottom of the independent keyboard, it can be positioned anywhere your heart desires. On the phone screen, that is.

But, wait, there’s more! The keyboard can be resized to your desired scale by using the markers along the corners of your now-independent keyboard.

If you decide you like the spot and dimensions of the floaty keyboard, it will fade to about 50% opacity to allow whatever’s behind it to show through. You’ll have access to all of Gboard’s nifty features in this mode, and it remains completely functional.

To enable the floating mode, enter an app you can type in, then tap the Google icon and hit the three-dot overflow menu button to see extra settings. Tap the last item — which is conveniently called ‘Floating’. To revert to static keyboard, just rinse and repeat.

You can download Gboard on Android, and strangely enough on iOS too.

Source: Android Police


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