Apple confirms an event for 30 October, here’s what to expect


Apple has been busy this year, announcing three new handsets a few months ago, brand new OS updates across the board, and a slew of rumours about other hardware to follow. We’ll likely see the company’s new iPad Pro and Mac products at their just-announced 30 October event.

The company sent out unique invite designs for the event, to a bunch of media across the world. Apple’s event will be held in New York on 30 October, and the tagline, “There’s more in the making” possibly indicates that there’s something coming that we don’t know about… yet.

What to expect

What we do know is that we’ll likely see a new iPad Pro, which is rumoured to have slim bezels and Face ID — which will render the fingerprint reader useless and (therefore) removed. It has also been reported that this update will feature a USB-C port and be available in 11in and 12.9in display sizes.

We are also expecting the long-awaited successor to the MacBook Air laptop, according to Bloomberg. This device will look similar to the Air, but will feature thinner bezels and an upgraded display.

A new Mac Mini might also feature at the Apple event this month, something that’ll excite desktop Mac-lovers. We haven’t seen an update since 2014, and this time Apple is reportedly focussing on power users and developers.

If we’re lucky, we might see the previously-delayed AirPower charger. But we wouldn’t put money on it making an appearance this year — apparently Apple has had issues in the development of their wireless charger.

Other than that, we don’t know what else to expect. Judging by the event tagline, there will likely be at least one more Apple-branded device (or even software, for that matter) that we’re not expecting. See you on the livestream on 30 October, where we can find out together.

Source: Engadget


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