Spotify announces more Premium features and an updated Wear OS app


The world’s most popular music streaming service, Spotify, has recently announced a whole range of new features for its Premium-tier users, as well as an app for Google’s Wear OS.

Firstly, the Spotify Premium changes — the most noteworthy of which is the streamlined navigation in the app (we appreciate slick interfaces, okay). The five tabs at the bottom have been condensed into three main categories — Home, Search, and Your Library. The redesigned search page now features recommended genres at the top of the page. This is something Spotify has always got right — personalising music for each user.

Our favourite addition is probably the artist radio feature, which personalises an artist station using the same algorithms that they use for Discover Weekly. The artist radio is now an endless playlist that’s tailored to you. And you can save it offline.

For the smartwatch users, Spotify has finally announced a new app for Google Wear OS. This is a welcome update, as many Wear OS users have been using third-party apps to satisfy their wrist-powered music streaming needs.

The new app will include functionality to access playlists, control volume and skip songs directly from your wrist. You’ll still need your phone to stream music, so it’s not quite on the Apple Watch level of phone-free streaming yet, or on the Samsung Gear level where you can use your wristable as one of your three offline devices… but it’s a step in the right direction.

The Premium streamers will see changes to their apps sometime this week starting today, while the Wear OS app will start rolling out later this week.

Source: Spotify Blog (Wear OS/Premium updates)


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