Sean Bean is tired of being killed on TV, opts to be an Elusive Target in Hitman 2


The developers of the highly anticipated Hitman 2 have announced who one of the main targets in the game will be — and it’s none other than oft-killed actor, Sean Bean.

Developers behind the Hitman series, IO Interactive, revealed the first post-release content for the upcoming Hitman 2. It includes the subject of the player’s first Elusive Target, good ol’ Bean, who cheekily mentions that he has “cheated death countless times” in the reveal trailer.

Elusive Targets are contract missions that are available in the new Hitman games, but only for a limited time. Bean’s character is one of these targets — and it’s your job to continue his legacy of dying in a considerable portion of the cinematic projects he has taken on, by making sure he dies.

Which might prove a bit tricky. See, his character is a former hitman known as “The Undying,” and he has “faked” his death numerous times. Will Agent 47 have the grit to take him out? Probably, but as with all Elusive Targets you only get one shot at him. Fail to end Bean’s character and he’ll have gotten away for good.

Hitman 2 will release on 13 November, and the first Elusive Target mission opens a week later. Soon you’ll (possibly) join the long, long list of individuals who can say that they’ve killed Sean Bean. In fiction. Please don’t actually kill Sean Bean. 

Source: Engadget


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