Oobah Butler’s Fakes Oobahs


Having created the number one restaurant in London on TripAdvisor, which never existed, serial prankster Oobah Butler has delivered another hilarious riposte to our online world.

Having created a fake restaurant called for “The Shed at Dulwich” and propelled it to the top spot, Butler was inundated with media requests to appear on TV and radio shows.

His antics were debated in the Singapore parliament and a Japanese television program about him trended on Twitter in that country with the hashtag #LacksHonor. (Watch the video here.)

He also masqueraded as a fake jeans designer Georgio Peviani at Paris Fashion Week, before hunting down the actual designer of the fake range.

This time Butler wondered if he could get a number of fake Oobah Butlers to pretend to be him so that they could make the media appearance on his behalf.

The hilarious results have been released online today, on Vice to which Butler has been contributing for several days. See Butler’s latest escapades here.


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