Adobe is bringing the full version of Photoshop CC to Apple’s iPad in 2019


Sometimes you just want to design something but you’ve gone and left your MacBook at home because you’re on holiday and only needed an iPad. What’s a creative person to do? Wait a few months, first of all, and then whip out the iPad and do all of your designing on Photoshop CC. Adobe announced at their recent MAX event that they are bringing the full version of Photoshop CC to Apple’s range of slates in 2019.

Which is quite the big deal, if you’re a fan of getting creative on the go. Photoshop has been released for the iPad before but it’s always been a reduced-features, stripped-down version that doesn’t have quite as many features as the real deal. Things are a little different this time around.

Photoshop CC for iPad is going to be offering users a similar interface they’re used to with the desktop version, modified to work better on a touchscreen. Icons and other interfaces will be slightly larger, gestures will be supported, and the app will support both finger (in case you feel a bout of fingerpainting coming on) and Apple Pencil — in case you feel like spending another R2,000 on a new peripheral. Actually, you might want to do that if you’re using full-fat Photoshop on Apple’s tablet. Seems it’d be a marvellous way to get your work done while you’re grabbing coffee or stuck in a traffic jam (don’t actually work on a tablet during a traffic jam, please).

The main draw, aside from an ultraportable but fully-powered version of the image editing and design software, is that everything you do in Photoshop CC for iPad will be “…seamlessly synced to the desktop, so you can now use the best device for the task you want to accomplish with no compromises. No exporting, importing, converting to different formats, or fixing whatever didn’t properly convert.” The work you do can be swapped between the platforms you’re using without having to mess with lengthy transfer procedures that break your creative stride.

There’s also a new drawing app in the works from Adobe, called Project Gemini. Set to launch in the same 2019 time-frame, Project Gemini is a Photoshop-compatible app that mimics real paint, brushes, surfaces and how those elements interact. Basically, you’ll be able to draw or paint an object on an iPad and transfer that creation over to the desktop version of Photoshop to finish it off. Gemini, if anything, sounds like an even better reason for snagging one of Apple’s Pencils.

Source: Ars Technica


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