Instagram rolls out two-factor authentication without SMS


Data security is a sensitive subject when it comes to anything Facebook-related — but the company might’ve done something security-related that is worth mentioning for Instagram-users.

You’ll now be able to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for Insta, without using the ancient — and less secure — SMS-based system.

Starting this week, users can implement third-party authenticator apps to add an additional layer to an account. This is important, because SMS-based 2FA  is especially vulnerable to SIM hijacking/SIM swap attacks.

These authenticator apps (like Google Authenticator and Authy) allow you to generate a code or send a prompt as a security measure. You know, to make sure you’re not trying to access someone else’s private online pictures and data.

How to enable the 2FA on your Insta

In Insta, get yourself to the Settings menu. Then make sure you scroll down to the Privacy and Security section and select Two-Factor Authentication.

Now you’ll be able to check the Authentication App option and Insta will prompt you to set it up. Obviously make sure you have an authenticator installed before you get started.

In Google Security, you can set up your ‘trusted devices’ so you won’t need to do a setup every time you use another device.

This is a (very small) step in the right direction for the Facebook-owned platform, but we’re still sceptical after recent data leaks at the company. You’re gonna have to step it up, FB.

Source: The Verge


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