Twitter rolls out an update with ‘Data Saver’ mode for its app


The South African Twitter community is still in denial over MTN discontinuing their ‘unlimited free Twitter’ option late in September. But it’s time to come back from the corner of denial known as Instagram, because Twitter really cares about its users.

Following the most recent update, the Twitter app for iOS and Android includes a ‘Data Saver’ mode, which will allow you to scroll mindlessly using significantly less data.

Other than free MTN Twitter, the only way to save data on the social media platform was to either install Twitter Lite or rely on the mobile web version. Both are optimised to use less data.

The new megabyte-mashing mode can be turned off and on manually through the app settings, and will lower image quality as well as disable autoplay for videos. You can choose to load higher-quality pictures in those moments when you have data to spare (preferably someone else’s data).

The update is live now, but the feature may still be rolling out. You can stay updated by following the @TwitterSupport account.

Source: TechCrunch


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