Razer announces Sila, its first gaming router


Razer has announced their rather sleek-looking new Sila wireless gaming router. The green-and-black gaming gear maker claims that Sila is the fastest gaming-focused router on the scene. Riiiiight.

Okay, it’s possibly true. We’ll have to get our hands on one to be sure but Razer’s first router has a substantial amount of tech built in that makes their claim… pretty reasonable. 

WiFi name: Sila

Sila was designed to reduce lag and interruptions when you’re gaming or streaming Netflix. Razer is introducing their proprietary FasTrack QoS system that is designed to prioritise traffic according to the device used.

Which means Sila should detect consoles automatically or determine what game you’re playing on your PC, and reserve a higher amount of your bandwidth (using a smartphone app) for gaming. The short version is that your younger siblings or sprogs might experience some buffering on Peppa Pig while you jam Fortnite. We won’t say anything if you don’t. 

WiFi Password: *******

Sila’s multi-channel zero-wait DFS system helps it mitigate congestion in the area, perhaps created by friends, neighbours and people who don’t belong on the internet. Sila attempts to keep users on the strongest signal possible, automatically. Sila also has a dedicated 5GHz backhaul to go along with the DFS fronthaul system, to assist with network congestion.

The other cool feature is that you can connect multiple Sila’s to create your own mesh network. A single Sila covers around 900 square meters, and you can connect up to three in total to cover almost 3000 square meters. And before you complain about the cost, if you have that amount of space to cover you can probably afford multiple Sila routers.

The router has a dedicated Razer app — which you’ll hopefully run on your Razer gaming smartphone — that gives you control of all of its capabilities. Sila will launch worldwide (hopefully that includes SA) on Wednesday for a retail price of $250 (around R3,600 converted).

Source: Forbes


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