Instagram was down this morning, widespread panic ensued


Instagram was down for this morning and half the world’s smartphone-using population didn’t know where to post pictures of their lightly fried kale anymore. This according to reports on (other) social media platforms from users who were unable to access the image-sharing service. The outage was pretty wide-spread across the globe and included South Africa.

This after ex-Facebook exec, Adam Mosseri, took over the boss’s desk following the resignation of the two founders. The founders allegedly left after ongoing disagreements with Facebook head honcho, Mark Zuckerberg.

Instagram parent company Facebook has had a pretty torrid week, between facing the fallout from a massive security breach and a backlash from users of another Facebook property, WhatsApp, in the wake of reports the big blue giant plans to start serving ads on the messaging app it acquired… and whose founders have also since left.

On the plus side, things can only improve, right? Also, one benefit of Instagram being down this morning is Twitter probably has a higher-than-normal percentage of pet picture posts.


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