Light Start – Kobo Forma, Razer Phone 2, brain networking, and Minecraft: Dungeons


Other e-reader company Kobo leaked its own Forma device over the weekend

We’ve seen loads of companies do it — even Samsung and the mighty Apple have been guilty of it from time to time so Kobo probably shouldn’t feel bad. Kobo’s Spain Twitter account jumped the gun and posted an image of an unannounced e-reader called the Forma (which might be called the Kobo Shape in non-Spanish locations) before it was officially announced. The image (above) and tweet were quickly removed from Twitter but not before someone recorded the mistake for posterity. There’s little detail to go on but there will be physical buttons and an interesting design. Hopefully it’s also going to be waterproof, along the lines of Kobo’s H2O, but we’re going to have to wait for a couple of weeks for more specifics. Unless, that is, another Kobo Twitter account feels like filling us in early. Anyone?

Source: Kobo via Pocket-Lint

Have a good look at the new Razer Phone 2

It seems like we’re in for very few surprises these days… though, to be fair, Razer’s new Phone 2 isn’t really that surprising. On the outside, anyway. Razer’s new mobile device has been leaked in images which were (of course) found by Evan Blass, who has revealed an unusually large number of devices to date. The design… well, the design is very familiar to anyone who saw the first Razer phone but it’s the inside that’ll really interest folks. Those details are quite thin for now but a Snapdragon 845 is almost a given. Razer’s got a reveal event happening on 10 October, so stick around. We’ll have all the details to go with the images as they arrive.

Source: @evleaks (Twitter)

And now they’ve gone and networked a few human brains

Okay, don’t get too excited on this one — the headline is a lot more exciting than it should be. Researchers have connected three human brains into a network of sorts, allowing one person to send and receive data and another two people to send data to the er… hub… person, we guess? The idea, aside from enabling one person to detect the thoughts of others, was to get the trio to play a Tetris-like game. The tech used to create this little scenario consisted of a couple of¬†electroencephalograms (EEGs) which detect activity in the brain and then¬†transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which can transmit data into the brain. Two people can see a whole game screen and can offer thoughts on how to rotate a block in order to get it to fit, Tetris-style. They do this by concentrating on specific LED lights around the screen. The third person doesn’t have that same point of view but does have (very limited) data being beamed into their heads. The point? To be a starting point for a much larger brain network, we guess, but for now this is just a technological curiosity. Check back in a couple of years.

Source: via Engadget

Minecraft Dungeons has been announced for PC (so far)

Minecraft is an amazing game and a genuine phenomenon — it made its creator a billionaire and led to Microsoft owning Mojang. And Microsoft hasn’t been letting the game sit idle. The newest development is the release of a game based in the blocky world called Minecraft Dungeons. The online co-op game is set to be a dungeon crawler set in a range of locations (including mines), with what looks to be the standard cast of character classes — a swordsman, a meat-shield, a rogue, and a wizard. The introductory trailer puts us in mind of Torchlight, only with Minecraft‘s blocky presentation. The game is dated for PC (only, at this point) for 2019. This… actually looks pretty promising. Check out the trailer for yourself, below.

Source: Minecraft (YouTube)


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