Fortnite Season 6 – What’s happening on the island this time around


Colourfully animated battle royale sensation Fortnite has ended its fifth season — which means the game is due for a whole range of new updates. Horrifying new updates to be exact.

What can we expect from the (now-live) Season 6? Obviously a Halloween-themed season that’s packed with invisibility, new skins, new locations and pets. Because October is literally around the corner and 31 October is that important costume-wearing day. 

Darkness Rises

Season 6 is dubbed ‘Darkness Rises’, and features the well-known 100 unlockable levels for its Battle Pass, which will gift players with a variety of spooky items, like a werewolf skin.

As always, there are map changes — and this time they’ll include a haunted castle, corrupted areas, corn fields (objectively the spookiest type of field), and a floating island at Loot Lake.

The most notable update in the upcoming season are cosmetics, specifically fluffy ones. Players will now be able to adopt pets. You’ll unlock anything from bulldogs to dragons to chameleons in different colours (in the Battle Pass), and have the option to buy them too.

More consumables

As part of Season 6, players will find ‘Shadow Stones’ around the map. These stones are (presumably) a consumable that will remove your ability to use weapons… but will also make you invisible when you’re not moving. 

After consuming a stone and turning into Sue Storm for a short while, you’ll also gain the ability to phase through objects, you won’t suffer falling damage, and you’ll be nimbler on your feet. If you’re game on just outlasting everyone and hoping for a lucky ending shot, this is going to be the resource to get. 

Shooty shooty things

You might miss a few of your favourite weapons, though. A few of them have been removed for this season, including the impulse grenade, suppressed submachine gun, light machine gun, bouncer, and remote explosives.

Some weapons have been tweaked as well — the grappler will now take momentum into consideration when you hit a moving object, while the double-barrel shotgun has been nerfed. Awww…

With Season 6, it seems that developers Epic Games seek to maintain Fortnite’s momentum as the best service-based game on the market by trying to scare the pants off players… or at least providing the tools for them to to scare their opponents. 

Source: Fortnite Blog


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