Choose a spot for dinner using the new Google Maps Group Planning feature


Google Maps will now let a group of people decide where to eat out, based on a shareable list of restaurants, bars, or clubs (that users will be able to curate themselves). No more back and forth arguing with your buddies in a parking lot about where to eat tonight.

The Group Planning feature will roll out starting this week, and will allow users to add restaurant options to a list that is then shared via any messaging platform, say WhatsApp or Telegram. People in the group message can then add or remove ideas, after which everyone can vote in Google Maps on Android or iOS.

Once the newest version of Google Maps is downloaded, just long-press a spot on the map to add that place to a shareable list. Once you’ve got all of your possible destinations in one place and shared with your attendees, everyone can cast their votes in Google Maps itself. 

Finally you can make plans with bae without the regular back and forth. We all know you don’t know what you’re in the mood for — but we’ll be able to provide a few options at least.

Source: Forbes


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